Daniel Gold

Game Developer & Computer Science Student


Shape Shooter

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Built with Java & libGDX | Source Code

An arcade shooter designed for cross-platform release on Android and desktop.

This project was developed to further my understanding about computer graphics, and what work goes in to developing a complete shipping product.

To implement the background grid effect I built a custom physics system. This system simulates many point-masses connected together by springs, representing the grid. This data is then fed to a dynamic mesh, creating the visual effect!

The blue enemies are an implementation of boids, a way of simulating flocking birds. I added additional rules to the base boids behaviour to create dynamic movement patterns for the enemies.

Playstation Vita Pong

Built with C & libVita2D | Source Code

Playstation Vita homebrew of the classic game pong! Developed to learn about console hardware.

Using a reverse-engineered SDK found here I took the opportunity to learn about development on a game console, and decided to make a simple implementation of pong!

Bullet Hell Game

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Built with Java & libGDX | Source Code

A boss fight prototype built with libGDX. The boss has multiple phases that have different bullet patterns, and the player can slow down time.

Bézier Curves

Built with JavaScript & Three.js | Source Code
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A project built in a few hours to learn how to work with dynamic Bézier curves. The goal was to write a general function to generate the curve from a given set of control points.


Hello! I am currently a student at the University of Manitoba studying Computer Science. I was first introduced to software development in high school where I created my first game, and I have never stopped wanting to learn more!

Currently I am focused on studying Computer Graphics while I create games. I also enjoy playing board games, and am a member of the University of Manitoba Rocket League Esports team!